"Cavern of Crystals" 8oz Body Polish and Scrub
Violet and Suds

"Cavern of Crystals" 8oz Body Polish and Scrub

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For a heavy-duty makeover moment or when you want that dewy glow.

Made with Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Benzoic Acid, Skin Safe Fragrance, Crushed Amethyst Crystals, Mica.


Think of this as an enchanted facial for the body. Although a body polish isn’t used to cleanse the skin, it sloughs away and exfoliates dead skin cells like a body scrub. It is hydrating and will also leave your body moisturized, soft, smooth and supple like a body scrub. But, a body polish goes one step further which is why they are so popular in spas. A body polish is also used to stimulate and generate fresh layers of skin cells. It is used to prepare the body for a spray tan. It will help remove build of oil and dirt buried in the skin pores. Say goodbye to those blackheads! A body polish will also assist the skin with absorbing nourishing moisturizers.

Since salt has many healing and antiseptic properties, it has great benefits to the skin such as killing bacteria and help reducing inflammation.