Burmese Rosewood Bubble Bar
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Burmese Rosewood Bubble Bar

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The Burmese Rosewood Bubble Bar will have you feeling inspired to take a stroll through an enchanted forest with an exotic, warm blend of sultry cedar, earthy patchouli, swirled upon a base of silky amber musk on a base of sweet passion fruit rose.


How To Use: Use this as a solid bubble bath. Crumble or chop this product, then hold in a sieve or “bubble basket” under warm running water to create a mountain of bubbles in your tub.

Our items are not indestructible! To ensure a long and happy life, treat your goodies with care. Store all cosmetics at in cool, dry area until you're ready to use.

Bath Bombs made by Violet and Suds contain embeds of assorted colors, designed to add extra color and fizz to your bath.


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, SLSA, Polysorbate 80, Sunflower Oil, Essential Oil, Fragrance, Lakes and Dyes, Mica